Most Innovative Hair Extension On The Market

No glue, heat, wax, clips, braiding or bonding agents applied to your natural hair. BTW: Honeylocks doesn’t cause damage, either.

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Honeylocks Hair Extension System

Feel and look amazing. Affordable, long lasting, re-usable and 100% natural remy hair.

HoneyLocks Hair Extension System

The Honeylocks Hair Extension System is the the latest and most innovative Hair Extension System on the market today. Current methods for installing hair extensions can include everything from glue, heat, wax, clips, braiding or other bonding agents applied directly on to your natural hair. These methods are time consuming, costly, and will cause damage to your natural hair.

Are you tired of literally having your hair pulled out by clip in hair extensions? One of the so called non damaging methods is clip-ins. I have used clip-ins in the past only to be left with damaged hair. In fact, I am no longer able to use clip-ins due to my permanent hair loss (also known as traction alopecia). Be aware that despite the claims of being non damaging, clip-ins should not be worn for more than 5 hours and should not be worn while sleeping or swimming. Also I was always worried my clip-in extensions were poking out on the sides and I was always afraid they could unclip or fall out at the worst possible time. Furthermore, taking them out made me feel self conscious and less beautiful.

The Honeylocks System is a new, innovative approach to hair extensions. Honeylocks requires no glue, heat, wax, clips, braiding or other bonding agents to be applied directly to your natural hair and does not cause damage.