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Learn more about what inspired the idea, the obstacles that stood in our way and the success story of what we have become.

The History Of HoneyLocks Hair Extensions

For 10 years I worked in public facing jobs where my appearance was very important to my self confidence. Unfortunately, I have fine, thin hair which I've never been able to grow longer than my shoulders. My inability to have full, luscious hair left me feeling self conscious and less confident.

Attempting to overcome this, I spent thousands of dollars on everything from clip ins, to braids and glue ins. These caused damage to my natural hair and even left permanent bald spots known as traction alopecia!

One of the so called “non damaging” methods I tried are clip ins. Unfortunately these caused so much damage to my natural hair that I am no longer able to use clip ins due to the permanent hair loss caused by them!

Be aware that despite the claims of being non damaging, clip-ins should not be worn for more than 5 hours at a time , and should not be worn while sleeping or swimming. Also I was always worried that they were poking out on the sides, and afraid that they could potentially unclip, or fall out at anytime. Furthermore, I continually had to take them out, leaving me feeling self conscious and less beautiful.

After searching for 10 years I decided to take matters into my own hands. I experimented with many different designs until I came up with HoneyLocks. I have been wearing them now for over 3 years without any taking any breaks. I have fallen in love with HoneyLocks Hair Extension System and I know you will as well.

Since making the Honeylocks Hair Extension System available to the public in 2011, my customers have told me the same stories of hair loss and hair damage caused by these other products and have also told me how the Honeylocks Hair Extension system is a far better alternative to these other products.

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