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Simply follow the steps below to choose your color and length. Click Checkout and your Honeylocks Hair Extension System will be on its way to you! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to Contact Us.


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The Introductory price for your Honeylocks Hair Extension System is $249.00 + applicable taxes.

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Keep in mind that your Honeylocks System is re-usable and can be used over and over.

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2 Steps to Buy

Below you will see how to measure for your HoneyLocks and choose your color. If for any reason you should you have additional questions or want to purchase your own Honeylocks Hair Extension System please don't hesitate to Contact Us. HoneyLocks are non refundable, so if you have any concerns please contact us before purchasing.

1. Choose Your Color

To choose your hair color, click to enlarge the color chart. Choose the color that matches your hair best. Once you choose your color from the chart, go to the form below and choose your color from the dropdown menu.

2. Measure Your Scalp

Place one end of a tape measure behind your left ear just below where the top of your ear meets your head. From this point measure from left to right across the back of your head to the same spot on the other side of your head. This is your measurement.

DO NOT measure from the tip of your ear but from behind your ear just below where your ear meets your head. Once you have your measurement enter the length in the form below.

Attention Canadian Clents. Buy It Now can also be made through email money transfer for Canadian client. Email funds to and please provide the answer to the security question.